Will Smith And Wife Jada Intervenes With 21-Year-Old Son’s Low-Protein Diet.

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The 21-year old disclosed that his vegan diet gave his skin an unusual color.

Actor-musician Jaden Smith previously made a lifestyle change by ditching animal products from his diet. However, when his parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith observed that the low-protein diet left him looking drained, they had to do something. 

In one episode of Red Table Talk, Will assembled his whole family to discuss some intimate matters. Jada usually hosted the Facebook Watch show alongside her daughter Willow and mom Adrienne, but in this rare episode, the whole Smith family was seen on the show.  Will started the emergency meeting by saying how much he loves food which has led him to take blood pressure medications. The meeting then centered on Jaden’s health condition, where it was revealed that Jaden has decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle. But Jaden wasn’t getting sufficient protein, forcing his parents to do something about it.  

According to Jada, Jaden was deteriorating, looking depleted and drained as he wasn’t getting the proper nutrients his body needed.

Will said they noticed dark circles under their son’s eyes, and greyness to his skin, and that’s when they got nervous. But the 50-year old actor was quick to assure that his son has a healthier appearance now. 

Jaden has since replaced his vegan diet with a vegetarian one. He still doesn’t eat meat but has incorporated some animal products such as dairy to his meals.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.