What You Can Gain from Having a Scheduled Cycle of Eating and Fasting.

04 OCT 19196 VIEWS

Discovering the right diet plan that suits you may be difficult and tiresome. But there is one trend that is becoming popular nowadays which people use to lose weight, enhance their health, and develop a better lifestyle – intermittent fasting.

Eating Patterns 

Intermittent fasting pertains to the process of fasting and eating. You eat at a scheduled time. The regular intermittent fasting diet is the 16:8 or also called Lengains protocol, where you eat for only 8 hours, and you do not take in food for the next 16 hours. Say, you will not have breakfast, and then you will only start eating from 1-9 pm then no intake of food for the next 16 hours.

Here are what intermittent fasting can give, which you might find appealing, and could help you consider it to be your diet guide.


People who are always rushing in the morning might find this fasting convenient. They do not need to have breakfast and will only take in food at lunchtime or later.

Minimize Jet Lag

Research says that fasting for at least 16 hours will help erase our body’s “food clock.” The body clock sends signals when it is time to eat or sleep based on light cues. When it is light, we are more alert, and we get drowsy when it is dark. When we travel to another time zone, our body must respond to the change of signals, that is why we feel tired when we go to another time zone. Eating patterns could also dictate our body clock. During fasting, you somehow reset your body’s clock because eating signals are not in the schedule. Practicing your body to eat at the scheduled time of the day and breaking your fast in a different time zone will help your body adjusts faster. Doing this will also make you feel less jet-lagged.

Losing More Fat

According to research, intermittent fasting increases metabolic rate, which in turn increases calories burned. This action may be due to gene activity. During fasting, genes are turned on, and proteins are produced, making the body less efficient. Lowering the efficiency will result in the body losing more fat and carbs to compensate for the energy needed for the day.

Better Health

Intermittent fasting strengthens immunity as shown in research. Sick days will be lesser, and your body quickly recovers from heavy workouts.

Intermittent Fasting

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.