Use weights to boost metabolism, While in a Calorie Deficit.

27 MAY 20207 VIEWS

There’s no single thing – by itself – that guarantees your success in the pursuit of a leaner, fitter body. There are many pieces to the puzzle

Whenever you take in lesser calories, your body saves energy to compensate for the insufficient amount of calories. Unfortunately, this situation makes you burn less.

as a result or consequence of this, we can say that prolonged restriction of calorie-intake to the body can reduce its rate of metabolism.

In addition, this could lead to reduced muscle mass. The muscles have an enormous series of functions in the body and they require a good amount of energy – a less number of calories inn can result In a restricting to your muscles.

Among the proven ways to avoid restricting muscle functions while reducing calorie intake is through weightlifting.

Studies show that weightlifting can eliminate risks of muscle loss and slowing down of metabolism . Whenever losing weight, you should only lose the fat and not the muscles.

For cases where you can’t go to the gym for weightlifting, you can simply do basic exercises such as pushups, sit ups, squats and other exercises to build muscles while restricting calories.

Cardio exercises such as walking, or jogging can also be great ways to maintain a good metabolic rate of the body while losing weight and gaining muscle mass.

The good thing is that exercising has many other advantages other than losing weight. It promotes overall well-being, lowers risks of diseases, gives you more energy, and makes you fee more refreshed.

Exercise and weightlifting are good ways to keep the body’s metabolic rate running and helps maintain the muscles while burning calories.