Use spicy Foods to Boost Metabolism

03 JUN 20196 VIEWS

There is a fat-burning substance that is present in spicy foods such as peppers Its called Capsaicin, and it helps boost the metabolism.

Unfortunately, not many find it favourable to sink their teeth into spicy foods simply because they are not able to tolerate the strong taste. With this, they are unable to achieve the desired effects of the Capsaicin substance.

Studies show that consuming a suitable amount of Capsaicin from spicy foods such as pepper can burn 10 calories in every meal. Say for a period of 6.5 years, by just eating pepper in every meal, a half kilo or 1 lbs of weight is lost for an adult male. 

Adding spicy foods to your food alone is simply not enough to help you lose a considerable amount of weight. Nevertheless when combined with metabolism-boosting nutrients as well as fat-burning practices and exercises, one is sure to achieve a drastic weight loss in a short time. 


Adding spicy foods in your meal can contribute to increasing the rate of metabolism of your body thus helping the body to burn more fats and lose unwanted weight.