Gabrielle Union follows an almost vegan diet.

19 JUL 19473 VIEWS

Gabrielle Union’s diet and exercise routine. Union follows an almost vegan diet. But the film star does like to occasionally eat meat. She stated in an interview with Everyday Health. She has also, “Eliminated gluten, soy, and dairy” from her diet and that ” it’s actually made a huge difference”.

Although the mother-of-one does like the odd cheat meal. Gabrielle loves a beet, carrot and kale juice for her skin. Gabrielle doesn’t deny her-self sweet treats, she follows an ‘almost’ vegan diet so bacon is definitely on the menu she told Fitness Magazine ” If i want cupcakes or short stack, i don’t deny myself , and i certainly don’t deny my self bacon. ‘ But i just stay active, and not let it get too out of control. I eat more vegetables, and just as i love the occasional rib-eye steak, I do try to cut down on the actual portions. I don’t need the 12 ounces that i’m used to; I’ll go for 6 ounces as a happy medium.”

The actress has seen a great difference in herself, after she eliminated gluten, soy, and dairy from her diet. The secret Gabrielle has for the best anti-aging product is good old-fashioned H20. The actress makes sure she drinks a LOT of water, Union reveals she tries to finish a gallon by 6pm after adding a bit of lemon.

Gabrielle Union frequently shares training workouts with her instagram followers, all 13.4 million of them. Sharing intense full body, compound exercises, strength training and pilates. Gabrielle also includes 15 to 20 minutes of cardio to her workouts daily.

Written by Carla McCollin.