The power of music while exercising

03 JUN 20207 VIEWS

Fast-paced beats and music have been found to help in performance and level of activity of the body. It can serve as a performance booster – which is probably why it is banned from athletics such running and marathon races. A good beat can help your body overcome a gruelling and give you that extra push.

Of course we can’t just believe such a claim – fortunately, science is here to back this up. Music has been found to help you keep up with your weight loss as well as fitness goals.

The only thing that can stop you from your work out is fatigue. With music, you can break your limit and move further with your activities. One study involving 12 adult guys performing cycling exercises showed impressive results while working out with a fast-paced song compared to a slow-beat song.

The body is unaware of its fatigue because it is focused on the up-beat song and sometimes we can’t help but move in tune with the beat. This effect enables us to perform more when working out without the feeling of tiredness or exhaustion.

Nevertheless, music doesn’t really help you remove your body’s limits. Music can become less effective when you’re already reaching your body’s limit.

According to studies, as you progress towards your body’s limit when working out, music becomes less effective. As the body is fatigued, the muscles want more oxygen and the feeling of gasping for air and fatigue are more dominant and override the benefits of music. Music can no longer be of much use when undergoing high-intensity workouts.


You don’t have to worry if you’re unable to bring your music device to the gym. While music is a good thing to have when working out, its effects are only limited.

Music can’t be an all-in-one pill when it comes to breaking the body’s limits during work out. it can give a temporary boost in strength and endurance however its effects do not last.

Although, it is an inevitable truth that listening to music while working out can make things more fun. With this, it is best to choose the right songs in your work out playlist.