The Joker Main Star Loses 52Lbs For The Role

08 OCT 19291 VIEWS

Joaquin Phoenix, who played the titular role in the new film Joker, had to lose 52lbs in preparation for his character. 

The American actor agreed to go through extreme weight loss within a short period so he can play the role of the Joker. 

Todd Philipps, the film’s director, believed that Phoenix’s character ought to be thin. 

Phoenix had to undergo a rigid calorie deprivation under a doctor’s guidance to achieve the needed transformation. 

The actor admitted that the diet made him go mad as he became obsessed with losing weight. It caused him to back off from social gatherings and almost felt too exhausted to walk upstairs. 

44-year old Phoenix guested on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live where he shared information about his weight loss journey. 

The actor told Jimmy Kimmel that he had difficult times during the weight loss journey, but at the same time, he also felt empowered. 

He also said he felt exhausted at first, and climbing upstairs was extremely challenging, but he managed by talking himself into it. 

Phoenix described obsessing over the numbers on the scale as something like a disorder, which, based on his experience, was a crazy one.  

Despite that, the actor admitted that he felt surprisingly better physically after the weight loss. He was expecting to feel dissatisfied, hungry, vulnerable, and weak as a result of the calorie deprivation. Instead, he felt more flexible than ever before. 

Phoenix doesn’t deny that he was hugely affected by the psychological aspect of losing weight. However, he is also vocal about the incredible feeling it brought him. 

The NHS doesn’t recommend deficient calorie diets unless for medical reasons. Men need around 2,500 calories per day, while women should consume about 2,000. 

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.