Sleep more burn more calories

03 JUN 20216 VIEWS

Studies show that lack of sleep leads to many health concerns – among of which is obesity.

This negative effect on the health is caused by the lowered rate of metabolism from sleep deprivation.

In addition, not having enough sleep can lead to an increase in the blood sugar level along with insulin resistance. If such happens, it can lead to increased occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

Likewise, lack of sleep leads to an increase in the hunger hormone (ghrelin) that makes you always feel hungry, and lowering of the fullness hormone (leptin) which makes you to feel full. 

This is the reason why people with less amount of sleep feel hungry most of the time and are having problems losing weight.


If you don’t have enough sleep, you burn fewer calories. Also, your body becomes unable to properly process or digest sugar leading to changes in your appetite. 


Taking small steps in changing your lifestyle and routine can greatly lead to increased rate of metabolism. And when it comes to the body’s metabolism rate, the higher it is, the better in losing weight – also, it gives you extra energy.