Simon Cowell Reveals Transformed Shape In A Topless Photo.

03 OCT 19436 VIEWS

The celebrity judge cut out sugar and adopted a vegan diet.

Simon Cowell revealed a ripped torso when he recently went topless on holiday.

The X-factor judge said he lost two stones in 2018 by going vegan and ditching sugar from his diet.

After restructuring his diet, Simon was seen enjoying a holiday with his family under the Mexican sun in Cabo San Lucas.

His trim stomach and toned arms were in plain sight as he enjoyed a healthy green drink while lounging by the pool together with his 42-year old girlfriend Lauren Silverman and their 5-year-old son, Eric.

Lauren, a New York socialite, wore a strapless black swimsuit that laced on the front, a fedora, and giant sunglasses.

Simon also brought his two dogs Squiddly and Diddly to the holiday, where they enjoyed a good swim in the pool.

The 59-year old dad said that he opted to lose weight the traditional way rather than going for the fad quick fixes.

Many people believe that he had a gastric band fitted, resulting in his trimmed body, but Simon clarifies he hadn’t. According to him, his diet is based mainly on common sense, which means being aware of what you eat.

Simon revealed that he went to see a doctor in LA who told him that he needed to avoid eating fatty foods and certain drinks.

A few weeks after following the doctor’s recommendation, Simon could already see the difference. He reveals that cutting on sugar made a significant change in his figure.

Simon admits it was tough at first, but his sugar cravings eventually died down. He has also found a gluten-free beer that fits his diet. The toughest thing, according to him, is when he sees his son Eric eating pizza in front of him.

Simon has also changed his sleeping habits. He now goes to bed before midnight and gets up at 8 am, and has ditched eating at late nights.

According to the X-factor judge, he feels younger now with his transformed body. He says he even looks years younger during their show’s Champions Special.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.