Shaun Williamson’s Weight Loss

28 AUG 19196 VIEWS

The actor looks completely different from EastEnders Character Barry.

SHAUN WILLIAMSON, 53, who was cast in the role of Barry Evans in Eastenders between 1994 and 2004 has recently changed dramatically from his scruffy TV character. How did he do it?
He has, over the years reformed his image in an attempt to get rid of his famous Eastenders identity.
Earlier he trimmed down in preparation for his showing up on celebrity fame academy.
The 53-year old made deemed it appropriate to shape up in order to avoid embarrassment in the Academy exacting exercise classes.
He explained in an interview saying “I’ve tried to lose some weight because I don’t want to make a t*** of myself in the fitness class”
Shaun made no bones about his varying weight as he joked to The Sun: “But I’ll put it back on, don’t get me wrong – I’m fat Barry and that’s that”
He was on ITV’s loose Women last year where he had a dramatic Queer Eye makeover. 
Four members of the Fab Five from the Netflix original series made themselves useful in transforming shun by changing his hair and clothes, 
Shaun confessed that he had continued to be haunted by his scruffy soap character even as be has quit EastEnders 14 years ago
He disclosed he was “not under pressure” to look good because he was “willing to change” as Barry was fat and scruffy 
Dressed in a fitted sued coast and polo shirt, Shaun looked remarkably different from his mouth admired character, as he flaunted his slimmer figure
It trails Shaun’s revelation of the dramatic results brought about by confidence-boosting hair transplant in 2017
He underwent two surgeries, totaling 3400 meticulous grafts made up of approximately 8000 hairs, at the Farjo hair institute in Manchester to bolster his image after leaving Eastenders 
Speaking to the daily mail, “very slowly new hair started to grow through”
“It was such a gradual and natural process that people who saw me regularly didn’t even notice”