Reason behind Peter Andrea’s weight loss

20 JUL 19214 VIEWS

Peter Andrea reveals reason behind his weight loss. The pop star known for his famous six pack, spoke about body confidence last month after losing his ripped stomach.

The 46 year-old suffers with insecurities, He has only now accepted the way he looks.

Speaking in Closer Magazine he said, “I’m 46 and i’m in shape, but i’m still not comfortable walking around the beach with my shirt off “.

“Theres always that worry or fear- i guess i built a rod for my own back in my 20’s with that”.

Andrea made it clear, that he would never go under the knife to improve his looks. He states, ” Forget liposuction and steroids, i like good old-fashioned rocky-style training“.

Peter revealed his reason behind his trimmer appearance was because of his new training he said “ I run” adding “Feeling better than ever“.

The father of four quickly set the record straight, and put an end to the worrying. Some fan’s via Instagram made comments about Peter Andrea’s weight loss, saying the video made him look like he was wasting away.

Written by Carla McCollin.