Obi Vincent shares his mental health battle

18 OCT 1916,758 VIEWS

Anxiety may affect anyone, even people who are well established or successful in their fields. Obi Vincent, a professional bodybuilder and fitness model, have courageously admitted that he is battling anxiety. 

For the past weeks, he had been feeling a lump in his throat and decided to see a doctor. His doctor asked him if some things are stressing him out to which he admitted that he is experiencing family problems. 

He decided to take a break from training and other things that are causing him stress. He has also decided not to join the CrossFit open competition because the preparation for it adds more anxiety to him. He loves training and creates training programs. But all the training, sponsorships, website training management program, and YouTube videos are way too much for him to handle. He decided it was time to step back and take a break.  

Asking for help 

Experiencing all of this, he isolated himself and just stayed at home. His friends reach out to him, and he shared with them about his condition. Talking to someone made him feel better and understood. He advised people that if they too experience that life is hard, talk to someone, or seek professional help.

To Vincent, admitting that you are not okay is not a sign of weakness, but it can make you stronger.

Breaking the Mould

Obi Vincent is much better now, and he is finishing the third version of his CrossFit training program. He has a lot of work in line for him, and he aims to achieve his scary and exciting goals. He is also adapting the positive thinking for everything.

He is also starting the “Break the Mould” campaign, which means standing out and being different. It is trying something different and not fitting in the box. As he is into CrossFit training, he wants to break the mould and not only be known as the big guy who only does bodybuilding. Instead, he wants to be a big guy who can move well, mobile, crossfit and conditionally strengthened. He is taking this campaign seriously and plans to make T-shirts, hoodies, and headbands with “Break the Mould” inscriptions.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.