Nathan Williams shares 3 tips to help you ease back into gym after the quarantine

18 JUN 20473 VIEWS
Credit: instagram

Personal trainer, Pro Natural BB World Champion and Instagram influencer Nathan Williams took time out to share 3 important tips, that will benifit gym users, who’ve been off due to the recent covid19 situation.

Nathan Williams: “The Gyms have opened in some places around the world and I see some of you have gotten back to lifting again.

Apparently, the gyms will be opening here in the UK the beginning of July .

For those of you who have had a complete break and want to know what to do when the gyms open again, here are a few simple steps to help you to get yourself back to where you left off before quarentine.”

“Understand that you may have lost some muscle tissue and strength, so trying to lift and train where you left
off before the lockdown isn’t the best idea. I recommend that you reducing your training intensity completely,
leave some reps in the tank instead of pushing to failure and get your body to remember the movements. Give it a
few weeks until you are back to where you were.”

“Give your body the fuel it needs toget that body back, going into a drastic calorie deficit isn’t the way as your body will need the correct foodsand the right amount of calories. And don’t forget to make sure you are hitting your recommended daily allowance of protein for your muscles
to repair and rebuild.”

“If you’ve lost some muscle throughout the lockdown and your goal is to try and get it back, don’t go balls deep with your cardio as it off will slow down the process of building muscle. Yes you may have put on a little body fat, but I recommend prioritising yourweight training first and gradually easing yourself into your cardio. The more muscle your body has, the leaner it will keep you”.

Remember that.

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