Mookies fat loss words of advice. Lost over 175lbs

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Rare breed is the new movement started by pitbull torres, along side Torres is he friend and team member Mookie. At one point Mookie weighed over 450lbs, he has now lost over  175lbs and went from xxxxl to xxl clothing. he’s also growing he’s social media presence on Instagram and YouTube, which is inspiring others lose weight. So if your trying to lose weight, Check out these 5 motivational quotes by Mookie Yaz

Positive conversations within

“Fall in love with the process and the results will come. Self talk is everything, I realized when I told myself something would suck, guess what, it would suck. Now, the conversations I have with myself are completely different. If you don’t Believe in yourself who will.”


One step at a time.

“Winners are not people who ever fail, but people who never quit. I used to overwhelm myself thinking about how it was impossible to lose 100 pounds let alone 175. What worked for me was to take it one day at a time. I focused on the daily Wins and eventually those daily wins added up.

Ain’t no quick sulution

” Their is no magic pill, drink, workout, or food that will make you Iose weight. I was always that person who wanted the quick solution, and that never worked. The only thing that works is consistency.”


Work on your mindset

“You will never regret hard work! Everyday I work on my mindset. My brain used to always tell me to quit, but that is the shit I had to rewire in my head. When the workouts get tough, you start having that conversation about stopping. What has helped me is changing what I say to myself during that time. Instead of saying its hard I should stop, I tell myself it’s easy no matter how much I am dying inside.”


Dig deep

” You wont always be motivated to workout or eat well, but it is about digging that shit out of yourself on your bad days!”

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