Mike Thurston launches own brand Thrst

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Credit: Instagram

Mike Thurston, a personal trainer and owner of a health and fitness company, inspires others to achieve their dream body physique. After traveling around the globe for two years and influencing a lot of body enthusiast, Mike is now into a new kind of adventure – starting up his new clothing line.

Starting it Up

As he was using shorts most of the time during his travels, he thought of starting with a swimwear collection for his new clothing line. Other factors that he took into consideration for choosing the swimwear as his launching line were the saturated gym wear market and the gap in the swimwear market. Thurston believes he has little opportunity in the gym wear market because a lot of options are now available. And when he goes short shopping, he cannot find a lot of good quality shorts that he can choose that matches his form and style.

It took a long time for him to start this company, taking into account the time and money he will invest.

Thurston is partnering with GenFlow to do most of the work for the company. GenFlow has been doing the website and app training programs of Thurston. GenFlow is into producing merchandise for athletes for a year now. By now, they have established the experience and capabilities of a production company. GenFlow will be in charge of designing the swimshorts, storing them, and dealing with costumers.

Materials and Style

Thurston chose the Thrst logo because it may mean thirst for working hard, and also thirst for water. 

The materials used for the fabric has high quality, quick-drying, almost water-resistant. It also uses an element that combines with the human body increasing your confidence when wearing them. When you are in the water doing dives, the execution rates increase by 50%.

Thurston chose sleek and sexy designs and did not want long baggy shorts that go down the shorts. He wants the wearer to have pride, be confident, and happy while wearing them. They are available in standard designs- small, medium, and large. The shorts also come with a zip in the back for putting money or phone.  With the brand, he wants to encourage people to live the best life and to the full. The shorts are not only for the muscular people but for everybody – for the normal and the average as well.

The company will be starting with a few short designs for its launching. After the launch, products such as T-shirts, man bags, caps, and sliders are in line.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.