Kelly Brooke shows off her two stone weight loss.

18 JUL 19195 VIEWS

Kelly Brooke shows off her two stone weight loss. By wearing a beautiful red satin dress, Looking happy with a smile on her face while leaving the Global radio studio in London on Tuesday.

The model told TV Life Magazine. ” I was the last to realise i’d put on weight, i wasn’t in denial because i felt alright“.

“But i’d got up to a 14/16 dress size, my boob’s were too big and my back was hurting. I was just eating a lot of rich foods- There was a lot of going to my local pub, And having pie and chips and a pint of Guinness”.

The presenter she has gone from a size 14/16 to a size 12. Thats an amazing two stone weight loss. Thanks to her new healthier diet, she’s had to ditch the pie, chips and Guinness. Kelly Brooke revealed that her weight loss was aided by SlimFast meal replacements shakes three times a day.

Kelly Brooke weight loss journey started in December last year. Speaking to Bella Magazine Kelly stated “I kept moaning that the tumble dryer was shrinking my jeans. It wasn’t obviously ‘I just didn’t fit into them anymore, because i was eating the wrong food and not exercising enough. Nobody had the heart to tell me i had put on weight.”

Written by Carla McCollin.