Kate Hudson lose’s 25 lbs.

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Kate has recently opened up in an instagram post about her Weight Watchers goals announcing in April, that she has reached her goal only six months after giving birth to her third child. Following her Weight Watcher’s program shedding 25 pounds.

“Okay my friends, wanted to share! i’m a couple lbs, from goal weight!” Kate posted on Instagram ” i’ve done it without stressing on food or working out like crazy although i have been disciplined.”

Hudson gave birth in October 2018.

According to Daily Mail Kate joined Weight Watchers seven months ago and said that program helped her shed 25 pounds.

She has talked with PEOPLE about staying fit, “After pregnancy, getting your body back into shape for me – especially in fitness- finding my stomach muscles again and pushing myself a little bit harder sometimes are things that i enjoy.” Kate stated in December.

Kate Hudson recently shared a picture on Instagram wishing her friend a happy birthday. But Hudson’s followers went crazy about her bod, and how toned the star is.One follower wrote: “Kate, you look amazing love your abs.”

Written by Carla McCollin.