James Argent has spoken of fears he may die once tipping the scales at twenty four stone.

26 AUG 19191 VIEWS

The 31-year-old reality star is presently on a weight-loss mission as he tries the daring exploit of swimming the channel as a part of Channel four documentary Sink or Swim.

Arg has claimed he is taking the challenge very seriously as shedding weight may be a matter of life or death for him.

He told The Sun: “I’ve had check-ups. My heart’s OK, I actually have no signs of polygenic disease, and my steroid alcohol isn’t too high.

“But i was weighed, and i was the biggest I’d ever been — around 24 stone. I could become ill or die. The swim is an opportunity to sort my life out.”

Arg conjointly aforesaid it’s his goal to complete the swim whereas sporting a combine of little swimming costume.

He explained: “One of my favourite films is sexy Beast with Ray Winstone. My dream is to swim the Channel in a pair of sexy Beast Speedos.

“I need to lose about eight stone or additional. I’ve got a long way to go even after I swim the Channel. however it’s just an ideal way to kick-start my healthy weight loss.”

Arg aforesaid as he continues his journey, he is trying to not be affected by cruel body-shamers.

“I get a bit of stick on social media for my size. you try to be thick-skinned, but it will affect you,” he admitted.

Arg and celebs together with Love Island’s Wes nelson and Blue singer Simon Webb try to complete the challenge in support of charity stand up 2 Cancer.

Sharing an image of the cluster within the trunks by the pools, Arg unconcealed simply however far he’d come.

“Some of us could not even swim a few meters when we first started, but due to hard work & dedication, we have gone from the athletic facility to the lake to sea swimming! we’ve got lost folks on the approach, however we are still a team through to the bitter end of this mammoth challenge! I’m losing weight twice a day to pass the assessment to require part hopefully!

“I’m giving it 110℅ ❤️ ” he added.

Arg has created no secret along with his battle with the bulge over the years.

The yo-yo dieter has been trying to shed the pounds recently, following doctors’ concerns over his weight.

During associate look on This Morning earlier within the year, Arg detected he required to lose 10 stone to avoid serious health complications

Written by Joe Opeyimika