How To Care For Your Muscles When You Have An Injury

11 OCT 19205 VIEWS

One of the most painful things to experience as an athlete is sitting out on a workout because of an injury. Nobody wants to miss out on training; that’s why everyone wants to recover from injury as quickly as possible. 

Injuries are inevitable during workouts. So, what should an athlete do when injured? Should he continue training while doing only lighter sets, or should he take a break and let the injury heal first?

We’re providing you with the best training and nutrition tips to help you stay fit during recovery and make you heal as fast as possible. 

Will sitting out on training make you lose your muscles?

There is no need to panic. Once you go back to training after your injury heals, you’ll prove that muscle memory is real. According to Science, you will be able to rebuild your muscle strength and size quicker if you have worked out before. So, taking some time off from training will not cause a big difference in your muscles. 

Should you train even when injured?

When nursing an injury, it’s best not to engage in intensive workouts. Here are some forms of training you can do to maintain your fitness:


Stretching will give your muscle a better metabolism, which makes it more absorbent to nutrients from the blood and cause it to regenerate quicker. 

Stretching is also crucial in building muscles. It maintains its flexibility and firmness even when you aren’t training. 

Make sure you make it a habit to stretch regularly to avoid the risk of getting injuries again in the future. 

Train lightly

If your doctor gives you a signal, you can do some light exercises for your other body parts. But make sure it will not cause any pain or strain to your injury.  

Do not ignore your injury

There’s nothing more painful than sitting out on a workout, especially if you’re so close to your goal. However, you should never ignore your injury and insist on working out while still recovering. Cut down on training or stop it altogether for the meantime. The sooner you care for your injury, the lesser the recovery time it will require. 

Maintain a recovery diet

How fast you recover depends on your nutrition intake during recovery. Taking in the right amount of nutrients will help your body recover faster. 

Whatever happens, never lose your motivation. It can be frustrating to sit out on training, but it might be your body’s way of telling you to take a break. So take your time.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.