How To Be Aware If Your Protein Intake Is Sufficient.

02 OCT 19235 VIEWS

In all our everyday activities we need proteins. Proteins supply us energy, build, and fuel muscle mass and help in metabolism. But what if our body does not get its required protein level?

You might be taking in lesser than what you need. 

Right Amount

According to Leslie Bonci, owner of Active Eating Advice and a nutrition consultant for Kansas City Chiefs, people with cancer, anorexia, severe malnutrition, Chron’s disease, vegans and people who have a raw food diet may have a low supply of proteins. Many plant-based proteins available do not provide enough proteins, unlike the proteins we get from seafood, meat, eggs, and beans.

The amount of protein men and women should take in is about .8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight. Bonci added that you might need more protein intake if you are exercising habitually or training rigorously and it should be taken at the right time.

There are clues Bonci noted that could tell you that you need increase your protein consumption. Here are some of them. 

Your hair and nails break easily.

Hair and nails contain protein which makes it stronger, but if you are running low on them, your hair and nails may become weaker and break easily.

You have lesser muscle mass.

Losing weight may not always be a good thing, especially if your muscles are the ones trimming down. If there is not enough protein, your body breaks down muscles to get more protein it needs.

You have a weaker immune system.

Protein is needed to build antibodies, which helps protect your body from bacterial and viral infections. If protein is insufficient, you might be prone to get cough and colds and other diseases.

You are susceptible to fractures and injuries.

Our bodies get proteins from other parts of our body if there are not enough proteins to fuel our brain and organs. These proteins can come from the stock of the skeletal system tissue. But without a well-built skeletal system, the bones can get fractured and broken quickly.

People who don’t get enough protein may feel worn out over time. The hemoglobin in our blood needs proteins to function correctly. Without protein in our blood, oxygen cannot be transported in our body; hence, it can cause shortness of breath and tiredness.

You feel exhausted.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.