How Music Helps in Your Workout.

05 OCT 19185 VIEWS

Listening to music during workout not only makes the routine entertaining, but it is also proven to lessen fatigue, according to a study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology.

Results from research undertaken by the Brunel University London revealed that listening to Marvin Gaye’s version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” during workout relieves fatigue. 

Respondents of the research said that they felt as if their workouts were shorter and more exciting while they listened to the song used in the study, which lasted for 11 minutes. 

According to Dr. Marcelo Bigliassi, the author of the study, music is a powerful stimulant that can alleviate unpleasant sensations in the body during exercise. 

With the aid of the music, the number of stimulus increases in this region of the brain, which enables people to endure their workouts longer because they feel less tired. 

Dr. Bigliassi believes that the findings of the study are especially helpful to people with obesity and diabetes because they are more prone to withdraw from physical activities. 

However, one thing concerns Dr. Bigliassi about the results of the study. While the results are proven to be beneficial, it can also lead to dependence on music as a form of escapism. 

According to the author, there is already countless information regarding the effects of music on people. Promoting it further might cause people to be highly dependent on it to fight off fatigue. 

During the study, the participants were asked to lie down in an MRI scanner while performing a hand-strengthening grip exercise.  

The participants performed 30 sets of an exercise, each lasting ten minutes. 

Dr. Bigliassi believes that people can still use music as a stimulant, long as they do it with proper care and moderation. Nonetheless, he reiterates that people should also adopt other means of coping with fatigue that comes with exercise. 

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.