How Chanel Brown is preparing for her big day

11 FEB 20306 VIEWS

Six months from now and fitness couple, Simeon Panda and Chanel Brown are getting married. They will tie the knot in June, exactly a year after they were engaged.

With all the excitement and planning, Browns shares her preparations leading to that particular day.

She had plans at first to do a wedding planning series, but she realized that it was not that easy, and it was only making her stressed.

Nonetheless, she still wants her followers to know what she has accomplished so far.


Brown has no wedding planner and is doing it by herself by the help of a wedding planning website. Not hiring a wedding planner gives you the liberty to add your personal touches, so Brown has been enjoying that so far. Some of her ideas include a cute unplugged ceremony sign, matching coasters for the cocktails and personalized table numbers that shows every place the couple have travelled together. The website has helped her in deciding the wedding budget and giving suggestions on other to-do lists.

Among the things she already accomplished on her to-do lists is booking the date, venue and the catering. They plan to tie the knot back home in UK with all their relatives and friends through a traditional British ceremony. With some inspirations from Pinterest, the couple chose a minimalistic theme with only white and black colors.

The bride-to-be knows that people will have an opinion on what they choose for their wedding, but Brown believes that it should be about them and what’s best for them. One decision that might not go well with others is that they decided to have a child-free wedding apart from their nephews and nieces.

As for her wedding dress, Brown is excited to wear two wedding dresses. She has not yet decided on the bridesmaids’ dresses, and she is still finding for the best photographer and videographer.

She was a make-up artist before but she is still undecided if she will do her makeup and hairdo.

There are still so many preparations to do, but Brown likes to enjoy every moment of it. It might stress her out, but she says that it will be all worth it come the big day.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.