How a Masterchef judge lost 14lbs with this simple trick

19 SEP 19243 VIEWS

Celebrity chef John Torode has drastically lost weight, and people are wondering how he did it. 

The 54-year old Australian chef, who has appeared on various TV shows and is currently one of Celebrity Masterchef’s presenter and judge, recently lost three stones. 

John, who previously had a bigger physique, shares how he effectively shed off three stones, which is equivalent to 14lbs, by doing more exercise and revamping his diet plans.

John’s diet trick 

To achieve his fitness goal, John altered his exercise routine and diet. He told Good Morning Britain in 2010 that eating more food helped him reduce weight. The chef found out that skipping breakfast is a common thing among extremely overweight people, so he made it a point to start his day with a good breakfast. 

John explained that by doing so, he successfully shed off an immense amount of weight and maintained his new shape by exercising. 

According to John, his current weight makes him feel great. He now cycles everywhere and eats differently. On his Instagram account, John shares photos of his cycling activities, which he has been actively enjoying over the years.

Effective diet plan 

Following a structured diet plan is one of the best ways to slim down. A high-protein diet helps in weight loss because it makes you feel full for a more extended period while promoting fat loss. Cutting down on calories while on this diet will also give you a speedier result.

Written by
Jeraine Arik Aspiras