Getting Physically Better Together

07 OCT 19384 VIEWS

Exercising can give you a lot of benefits. But at times we may feel tired and demotivated to do our daily exercises. Often, someone whom you’d do exercises at the same time can help you keep in track.

Doing it Together

According to statistics, 64% of women who has an exercise buddy will train harder, burn more calories, and visit the gym more frequently. 

Having someone will keep you focused on doing your exercise routines. A mate can accompany, inspire, and persuade you never to quit. Training, losing weight, and learning new sports with a friend will add fun and excitement to your journey. You get to bond and talk with somebody and at the same time, you forget the pain and hardships your workout routines may give you. It is also more rewarding working out together and achieving your personal fitness goals together, too. Overall, your workout experience will be more meaningful with a friend beside you.

Choosing your Partner 

As your workout companion will also be your critic and motivator, you should choose someone whom you share the same health and fitness goal. Those whom you want to spend time with should be on your top list. It is also useful if your skill, fitness, and commitment levels are alike. And if your best friend is such, then your fitness journey will be a breeze.

Starting the Journey

After finding your suitable workout buddy, then it is time to sit down and discuss your goals first. You can plan how to execute your exercises – how often, how long, what type, when, and where. You can also set short term and long term goals. The goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic. As your exercise journey takes place, you can note your progress and revisit your goals if it is achieved; if not, make some changes and check if it can work for both of you. 

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.