Former TOWIE cast member works his way to a healthier self.

03 OCT 19224 VIEWS

Health Warnings

Television star James Argent has committed to be a better and healthier version of himself.

After being told by his physician that his weight could create several health issues, Argent decided it is time to take action. He is significantly overweight and may develop weight-related diseases. Results of his medical check-ups showed that Argent has no signs of diabetes, and his heart is working good. But his BMI is 44, indicating he is obese and can develop heart disease and type 2 diabetes in the long run.

His doctor advised him to lose 10 stone to get his ideal BMI and to decrease his waist by 17 inches. The physician added that Argent needs to lose 2lbs a week to be on track on his weight loss. He should also limit his calorie intake to 2500 calories per day.

Starting his journey

He began his journey by joining the relay team of celebrities that will take part in crossing the English Channel. This big swim is a fund-raiser for Stand Up To Cancer in their Sink or Swim Challenge. Ardent also posted pictures and videos on his social media accounts documenting his training for the great swim. Fans were also very supportive in sending him inspiring messages.

One of his captions for his videos tells that while training for the final swim, he has never been committed and worked hard in his entire life. He vows that it is the start of his weight loss journey leading to a healthier and better life.  

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.