Fitness Coach Kirstin Nicole features Pitbull sisters on her YouTube

18 OCT 19514 VIEWS
Credit: Instagram

Kristin Nicole is a fitness coach who has been a personal trainer for eight years now. She has been an athletic girl back in high school up to college, playing basketball and baseball. As a high schooler, she was overweight, but in college, she fell in love with bodybuilding and lose a lot of weight. So she has gone across the spectrum of being with too much fat to having lean muscles.

From that journey, she uses YouTube as a way to share the methods and lessons she had learned in losing weight, doing bodybuilding, strength training, and putting on more mass. She had also worked in the corporate and fitness world, so she has a lot of things on her plate to offer. Her followers will enjoy the exciting content on fitness, weight loss workout, strength training work out, nutrition tips for busy people, and how to put more mass. She will also be sharing what she learned about the gut, health and hormone, and other essential stuff. Things about fashion, traveling, and maintaining your health will also be included. She will be sharing all the things one needs to have a healthy lifestyle.

Client’s Journey

Nicole also features in his channel the weight loss journey of some of her clients. Among them are the sisters of Pitbull Torres, a powerlifter. While the brother is into the weight game, her sisters are just starting their weight loss journey. Heather, who weighs 170 lbs, gained weight after giving birth. She has a one-year-old child, and she wants to become a better and healthy person and be able to run around and play with her toddler.

Credit: Instagram

On the other hand, Tiffany is much heavier and weighs 236 lbs. She admitted she has been overweight since second grade. She tried losing weight before, but she did not stick to it, so she is starting over again. 

A lot of people can relate to the story of the Torres sisters. Featuring their success and failures on their journey in Nicoles’ YouTube channel is one great way to motivate others.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.