Critically Obese Darren ‘Dibsy’ Mcclintock loses 20 Stones

10 OCT 19807 VIEWS

“Good Morning Britain” viewers applauded a man who used to weigh 40 stones after he lost half his weight.

28-year old Darren ‘Dibsy’ McClintock, who hails from Middlesbrough, got help from his personal trainer after doctors told him his life was at stake. 

Trainer Mike Hind went to the extent of putting up posters that branded Darren as obese and prohibiting him from being served local takeaways. Darren clarified that he wasn’t fat-shamed. 

According to Mike, who helped Darren for free, his intent in putting up the posters was to shock him into losing weight. He said that supporting people and not bullying them is the best approach to encouraging them to change their lifestyle.  

The trainer also admitted that he was also bullied as a kid, which he hated. That is why he believes taking action is the best way to encourage people who need a healthier lifestyle. 

Darren agrees with his trainer and said that if Mike ever called him fat when he walked into his office, he would have backed out. 

What worked for Darren was being made aware of what his family was going through because of his condition. 

Mike said Darren had to face the reality of his state, although he doesn’t recommend the approach to everyone. 

But Mike believes that the shocking reality was what Darren needed to be motivated to lose weight, so the two talked about it all the way through. 

Darren feels better now that his mum no longer has to worry about his state.

Viewers didn’t hesitate to praise Darren for his weight loss. One viewer said Darren was proof that it is possible to turn your life around. 

Mike admitted that he has never seen someone as big as Darren, and revealed that Darren’s mother cried because of his son’s critical condition. 

Each year, Mike takes in one person for free to help transform lives. 

Darren admitted that he had a bad eating lifestyle, like eating three to four sausages for breakfast and going to local takeaways almost five times a week. 

Last month, Darren revealed on Instagram that he is in a relationship with her girlfriend Jade, and fans flooded the post with comments that congratulated the couple. 

Mike, who said he feels like a father to Darren, also admitted that he couldn’t help but be emotional about Darren’s weight loss success.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.