Calum von Moger confirms he is now a father.

08 FEB 201,865 VIEWS

It’s been a while since Calum von Moger has shared something on his Youtube Channel. What could have kept him busy away from social media for the past months? Here he shares what has kept him occupied.

Exciting News

Before going into detail, von Moger shared that something personal happened in his life. He said that he wants to be as transparent to his followers, so he is sharing this important news with them. The Australian actor and bodybuilder continues to share that people may have already seen or heard the news online, but von Moger likes that it comes out from him directly. With enthusiasm, he admitted that he is now a father and has a son of his own.

Going back a year ago, he recalled that a girl told him that she was pregnant with his child. He was not sure about it because it was unexpected and unplanned, and he is not in a relationship with that girl. So he requested a paternity test to confirm everything. And it came out positive. He is the father of the six month old Kairos.

Future Plans

Knowing the truth, von Moger promises that he is going to give the best to his child, and his son will receive the best child support. He shares that he will try to be a great father and be there for his son always, and he is looking forward to raising him. The bodybuilder goes on to continue and ask for his followers to respect his privacy about the matter. 

So after letting out the news and happenings of his private life, von Moger wants to go back getting shredded and jacked and continue making entertaining videos. He plans to join bodybuilding competitions and the upcoming Jay Cutler Classic in ten weeks.

This time he is more inspired to do his training in preparation for his competitions now that he has a son cheering for him.   

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.