Bodybuilder MattDoesFitness shares impressive gains during lockdown.

18 JUN 20794 VIEWS

Is working out at home just as effective as the gym?

According to latest results seen by Matt Morsia (mattdoesfitness) we would incline to say yes,  the bodybuilder and fitness influencer has achieved the best shape of he’s life while in lockdown.

Here’s what Matt Morsia had to say in a recent Instagram post:

“Pretty sure l’m gonna emerge from this lockdown with the best physique l’ve ever had. Legs have taken a hit for sure but pretty much everything else has developed to some extent. I think this is mostly down to the combination of increased training frequency/volume due to lack of travel,combined with being forced to use dumbbells instead of machines for non-compound movements. Now just gotta jump into a sick cut so I can get stage shredded. Jokes, that’s never gonna happen.”

I guess this proves as long you are prepared to put the effort and time into your home workouts, results can be just as good  as working out at the gym.