Anthony Ruiz, Jr., “The Destroyer” transforms significantly ahead of rematch

16 OCT 19879 VIEWS

Anthony Ruiz, Jr., “The Destroyer”, is an American-Mexican born boxer who is the first with Mexican lineage to become a world heavyweight champion. Last June 2019, he defeated Anthony Joshua and come December 7; the two boxers will be on the opposite sides of the ring again. Five weeks before the match, Ruiz had visibly been preparing hard.

Training Hard

After his win, Ruiz started training and one of his goals was to drop some weight. He was at 268 pounds when he won over Joshua, and his target weight for the rematch would be at 255-257 pounds. By October 7, a video showed a much faster Ruiz and a photo of him a week after showed a noticeably slimline physique. Fans were amazed at the changes but were also fearsome on what effects it may bring.


Having defeated Joshua with ease in their previous match, Ruiz acknowledges that their rematch will be a hard-fought one. He believes Joshua will also be preparing hard and coming out stronger. With his training, Ruiz aims to improve his stamina and increase his speed.

During their media tour, Ruiz shared that he is going to do his best to keep the belts and make history once again. He added that he is still starving to win and he hopes that his fame will not be short-lived but will last for a long time.

With already visible changes, we can only guess what Ruiz will be doing more in preparation for his fight. It is hard to measure if dropping much more pounds will still be beneficial, and yet, we know that all this will be clearer on December 7.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.