Amy child is in no rush to lose her baby weight as other celebrities might be.

21 AUG 19222 VIEWS

The ‘Only Way Is Essex’ star said she was bordering around size 14 when she had her baby and although she is now a size 10, she still wants to lose some weight but is not rush to do so.

The mother of two feels there is a need for women to enjoy their babies and not just rush to lose weight as other celebrities mums do.

Although she’s was pressured by other mums to lose weight, she said she wasn’t bothered at all, she was just busy putting all of her time in her baby Polly, so she didn’t eat healthily or work out.

But now that her baby is growing older, she has more time to work on her self and have been doing a lot of that lately.

According to what she told sun online, she now trains a lot, like four times a week and also eats a lot of healthy foods, although she use to miss breakfast which is the essential food of the day, now she doesn’t.

She thinks mothers should not be in haste to lose their baby weights quickly, they should just take time to enjoy their babies, and unlike other celebrities that would lose all their baby weight in a rush, her main priority is to be a full-time mum, and she has not bothered about weight loss at all.