A few facts about Krissy Cela you may not know

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Krissy, s full name is: Kristjana Eleny Cela but in school no one could really pronounce her name so Krissy seemed more fitting!

Her surname is pronounced CH-EL-A like Bella but CH at the start instead of the B.

Krissy has an obsession with organisation and cleaning and some say it’s OCD “I personally think it’s just me being me.”

Krissy truly believes that her purpose in life is to help women around the world become healthier mentally and physically she has never been so passionate about something.


Krissy can safely admit I she’s addicted to working but tbh it never feels like work the toneandsculptapp is her passion and love.

Krissy Cela’s star sign is Libra.

She’s love doughnuts & brownies al types of doughnuts


8 Buttons is the first dog she ever ever had. Growing up in an Albanian house hold her mother was a clean freak and she was hesitant about a dog so when she bought her own house she finally got to have my very own puppy.

Her mum always says that if she wasn’t doing what fitness she would of been a humanitarian I cares about people sometimes too much



Fitness Trainer