5 inspirational quotes by Krissy Cela

20 JUN 20843 VIEWS

Krissy cela is a respected Fitness entrepreneur, She is the creater of the successful Fitness app (Tone and sculpt) and a well known fitness influencer with a impressive 2 million plus followers on Instagram, she is also a womens best athlete.

Here’s 5 inspirational quotes by Krissy Cela.


“I get asked every single day where I find the motivation to keep going and let me be real motivation isn’t something I just wake up to, it’s not something I have running through my veins or born with. Just like everyone in this world there are days I feel like I can achieve anything life throws my way and there are days I feel like nothing is possible.


For such a long time we have had this negative correlation between Monday’s and moods. So many of us see Monday’s as a difficult day to restart but honestly it’s time to see every Monday as a fresh start. Your mind has the ability to revert your conception on things and with a little positivity, a little hope and a lot of self belief I know you can smash it today, tomorrow and forever.

You have to build motivation within yourself, you have to not be okay with just being “fine” you have it in you to encourage yourself. “


Don’t compare yourself to others

” Your journey is so unique. You can not compare it to anyone else’s because you have your own precious path, process and struggles.”

What is beauty

” beauty is so much deeper than the body and face you have, beauty is much more then the fancy things we own. It’s about the heart you hold, the compassion and kindness you project into the world.”

Trust the process

‘You have no one to impress but yourself, ease yourself into the process gently and don’t rush, you can’t expect to sprint if you don’t even know how to crawl.



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