5 inspirational quotes by Chanel “Coco” Brown

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Chanel Coco Brown is a successful influencer with over 600,000 followers on Instagram, she also runs a beauty brand and lifestyle blog. Among that she also has a lot of positive things to say, here’s 5  inspirational qoutes by chanel coco brown

Focus on the now

We spend so much time trying to ‘find ourselves’ or discover our ‘purpose’ in life, but what if we aren’t lost after all, and are simply stuck on other people’s opinions and inaccurate conclusions about who we are and where we
should be. Don’t let your mind or society tell you that you’re incomplete, not there yet and you’re behind in life. You are right here, whole, and complete. They say the only time you are truly alive is in the present moment, so focus on the now.


Discipline is the key

Some days I throw on my workout clothes & have a great session, other days the only movement I feel like doing is heading to the sofa Usually when I don’t want to workout, that’s when I make sure I train as leť’s be honest it’s mainly about discipline rather than motivation.

Comfortable in your own skin

What does being comfortable in your own skin really mean? It means seeing your strengths and weaknesses, but instead of tearing yourself down, embracing them. And that doesn’t mean everything has to be perfect on the outside, it is often something within that is the issue

Discipline is going when you aren’t really feeling it

Went to the gym yesterday and struggled to find motivation even when I was there! I literally had my fav music playing, I was wearing a new pair of leggings & I was training legs, sounds like a set up for success lol Even though I really wasn’t feeling it, I carried on anyway! Do you know why? Because discipline isn’t going on the days you want to go, discipline is going when you aren’t really feeling it.


Exercise helps

One thing that continues to help me cope when life gets hard is exercising. Sure, working out can’t solve all your problems, it can’t make everyone get along and it especially can’t take back time. But hard times do not last, strong people do. And by relieving stress and creating all those good endorphins we can make sure we’re the best version of ourselves.

Chanel Brown