10 effortless tricks to slim down

27 SEP 19233 VIEWS

A weight loss journey is no walk in the park, but it shouldn’t be as straining as everyone thinks. Tweaking your lifestyle a little can take you far in your weight loss journey.

We’ve listed ten ways to help you achieve results without going through so much stress.

 1.   Sleep more

When you sleep, you can curb cravings and gain more energy to perform your everyday jobs. Lack of sleep changes the way your body responds to food, which can result in overeating. Recent studies have shown that those who get less than six hours of sleep have bigger waistlines than those who sleep for nine hours.

 2.   Eat more fruits and greens

Compared to all fad diets in the market, eating more fruits and vegetable is still the best and most effective if you want to lose weight, according to a study done in 2017.

 3.   Reduce your meal size

You don’t need to ditch your favorite food to lose weight, just limit the amount you consume. Start by cutting down your meals by 10%.

 4.   Don’t skip breakfast

Eating breakfast gets your metabolism working after a whole night without food, so it’s essential not to skip this meal. Research reveals that breakfast-eaters have a lower BMI than those who skip the meal.

 5.   Get to your feet more

A study shows that standing and sitting more often can help you lose weight fast and effortlessly.

 6.   Drink more water

According to experts, water suppresses your appetite and improves your metabolism and waste secretion. The amount of water intake varies from person to person, so drink until you feel hydrated.

 7.   Consume more fiber

Whole grains are low-fat sources of energy. They are also good for the digestive system and likewise decreases the stress hormone in the body.  

 8.   Heat your cooled rice and pasta

Reheating cold pasta and rice lessens their calorie content. It’s because the starches these foods contain turn to resistant starches, which benefits your metabolism.

 9.   Mindful eating

Studies found that taking time to focus on your food makes you feel more satisfied and fuller than when you eat while on your phone or watching TV.

 10. Note what you eat

Keeping track of what you eat helps you lose more weight compared to those who record them with less diligence, according to a study made this year.

Written By Jeraine Aspiras.